Red Lobster in Ottawa

The place was packed with customers. They seemed happy and satisfied. In the background we heard some crews singing “Happy birthday to you.”

We were given a table in the corner. It felt private. The table was away from the busiest spot in the middle of the restaurant. We were like VIP customers. What a lovely start.

We were served with fresh baked scones. What a refreshing alternative to the usual baguette. I ordered Island Jumbo Coconut Shrimp. This delicious starter had shrimps that were hand-dipped in coconut batter. It was served with piña colada sauce. The shrimps were well prepared. The coconut batter gave the dish a sweet and salty fling. Sauce was good. I liked fresh ideas on how to combine the familiar flavors into something new.

Salmon New Orleans was described to be fresh salmon and it indeed tasted like it. It didn’t taste pointy. It was fresh with a hint of salt and pepper. As a side I had tender shrimps in a spicy sauce. Buttery, spicy and an end with bursting flavor of sweetness. That was Tabasco® beurre blanc, and it was garnished with pico de gallo. As a dessert I had a Cosmopolitan and a piece of cheese cake with caramel sauce.



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