Are You a Hero?

Filmmaker Michael Barnett’s documentary “Superheroes” (2011, HBO) is about people who have taken a position as a real-life superhero. The documentary presented the unfair facts that happen so many times in life.

Somebody needs help, could be an attack in public area or a homeless person’s request for help, but nobody does anything.

To me the most memorable superheroes presented in this documentary were “Life” and “Z”, but I don’t want to lift up anyone on the special lime-light. They are all unique in their own way in the thing they do.

One of the most underlined opinion of the documentary was the superheroes thoughts about the corruption in the police and government. It acted as a main motive for many of the superheroes in their decision to fight against crime. For some, the reason was their experiences of violence, either in their own life and in their loved ones.

Still, there is a point to think if meditating about becoming a real-life superhero. It’s not the safest job: carrying a weapon might turn against you either legally speaking or if it’s used against you. And facing people who might be very pathological criminals could turn ugly without proper training and understanding of the civil rights.

Of course, these superheroes’ courage against violence and their will to step up is something to admire. What influenced me the most was their way to help out homeless people by giving supplies and company to talk to. This documentary is definitely something to watch before making an opinion about the movement of real-life superheros.

Superheroes (trailer)

Director: Michael Barnett

Executive Producers: Doug Blush, Patrick Creadon and Christine O’Malley

Producer: Theodore James; Editors: Doug Blush, Derek Boonstra and Jeff Chen

Director of Photography: Michael Barnett

Animation: Syd Garon; Music by Ceiri Torjussen.


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