Not So Pink Pink Lake

Why is it called Pink Lake even though it is obviously green? This is what I was wondering while trying to satisfy my needs of pushing extra energy out in the forests of Gatineau Park.

While going up and down the stairs I stopped here and there thinking how astonishing this lake looks like. The scenery is like a photo you could see in the travel guides to Canada. And the best thing was that my eyes didn’t add any filters.

It would be so great if other lakes of today would have so clear water. I was literally able to see through the surface. The little fishes were swimming along the coast line. According to my source, the name was inspired by the Pink family who were settling the land in 1826.

The lake is extraordinary because of the upper and lower waters levels never mix with each other. Therefore the lake is called “meromictic”. You will need good luck if you are trying to find any oxygen in the deepest pockets of this lake.

This non-oxygen area is the home base of “an anaerobic prehistoric organism.” This bacteria is able to live in the non-oxygen conditions thanks to its way to use sulfur in a process of turning sunlight into energy. The Pink Lake has also three-spined stickleback fish.

But this rose has its stings. The green color caused by the algae in the water is slowly strangling the lake out of its oxygen. Hence it is very important to remember not to step out of the guided paths or you could become responsible of speeding the process of eutrophication and erosion of its captivating surroundings.


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