Dig In. Cooking Without 14 Of The Most Common Allergens

What got my attention in this book was its promise in the cover to have recipes without the 14 most common allergens, and one of those is sulphates. An allergen that I thought so far to be impossible to avoid.

The cookbook starts with a personal thank you message from the author, continues with more scientific epilogue from Dr. Jennifer Armstrong and goes back to the words and tips by the author.

Every recipe is illustrated with a clear picture on the side. Table of content is listing the recipes, but it doesn’t show on which section (breakfast, soups & salads..) they belong to. This little feature would have added a notch of fast utility and easy readability of the book. Otherwise the book includes a pleasant amount of recipes. It gives to user a good portion where to choose and a realistic variety to mix and match.

The recipes are easy to follow and each recipe shows the amount of servings. Most importantly, each recipe includes a clear graphic info of the possible allergens. Very thoughtful. This book made me think about the allergen free food from a complete different angle. Having many or then just one of the allergies with food doesn’t have to mean that one would need to give up culinary experiences. Especially the amount of choices with desserts was truly a surprise to me. The most mouth watering recipe is for the carrot cake.

The appendix includes, for example the vocabulary of cooking techniques, kitchen equipment and ingredients. The characteristics of different ingredients such as chilies, herbs and mushrooms are as well explained. These sections does please the eye for detail, and helps those who aren’t familiar with cooking in the first place. Just browsing this book made me more aware of what I am eating and how to improve my meals. Trying the recipes has been made easy by adding a list of shops at the end. This is a book also for those who have an interest to cook healthier food.

More info about the book and events around it can be found from a very joyful looking website http://www.digincookbook.ca/

Dig In – Cooking Without 14 Most Of The Common Food Allergens

by A Littlestones Collaboration (2013)

Reviewed: First edition, Fall 2014

Featured image: A Littlestones Collaboration


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