Sauna Day at Nordik Spa-Nature

I was impressed by the way this spa has been expanding its’ selection. The bilingual staff was friendly. The innovative surroundings were kept clean. After the massage and couple hours in different saunas and pools I felt slim and very relaxed.

Hard work like squats at the gym were giving a good reason why to book an appointment with a massage therapist from Nordik Spa-Nature near Ottawa. I paid for a tonic massage that is recommended for those who get physical stress caused by workout at the gym or outdoors.

The massage was about 60 minutes long and included firm grips all over my back, legs and arms. The massage method felt very complete because the therapist was using her arms in addition to her fists. I was enjoying that this massage included also a massaging my scalp and stretching my limps.

Besides this massage I tested also Källa. A salt water pool at the underground level of the spa area. It was an experience, but I don’t see myself going for it another time. I felt that there was not enough water for me to truly get a good floating position and the space felt too isolated for my taste.

I did enjoy the panoramic pool and a spot called Tellura. The water of the panoramic pool was a cosy place with a pretty view over the Gatineau Park. It felt luxurious in the crispy cold November day.  Tellura was a dark room with heated stone beds. I almost missed my appointment because of falling asleep in this room with easy going music in the background.

I don’t completely associate the Finlandia sauna as Finnish. To my Finnish friends the sauna has always been steaming hot. Every time I have been in this spa this sauna has reminded more of the Swedish sauna. But, I did enjoy it.


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