Sunday Walk at Rideau Hall Grounds

You never know what you’ll find when you get out to explore. Last Sunday we did an extempore visit to Rideau Hall Grounds. We couldn’t enter the Rideau Hall itself because our visit happened outside the tour season.

But there was plenty to see at the grounds when walking trough the Canadian Heritage Gardens.

This garden made me understand the versatile culture and deep history of Canada. The gardens path was composed with a line up of iron statues that each had an plate showing the time span of the population of Canada starting from First Nations.

At the finale part of this path we found a plate dedicated for the immigrants from Nordic countries. Besides this, we found it interesting Inuksuk, a stone maker that is used by the Inuit. It is made to tell about a danger or to guide the travelers. The totem pole with a thunderbird on top of it was an impressive sight. This totem pole was in very good condition considering that it was given as a gift in 1946.

A thing that we really like about Ottawa is that is has so many historical places to see. It can make learning history so much more appealing, than only reading it from the books.


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