Being a House Cat

It is nice to out for movies, restaurant and hiking. Sometimes it is also nice to just stay at home, watch Netflix and cook some food that gives you a hug.

I am a big fan of tapas. I find ready made olive and cheese mixes as an convenient addition to our meals. Sometimes I use tapas also by mixing it with rice or pasta. This time I added olives and feta to a chunky pasta sauce. I like the oil and herbs that was used to make this mix.

For a wine we had Barefoot’s Pinot Grigio. I like wines that are especially from California. I can feel the rays of sun. This particular white wine is an excellent choice with otherwise hardy meal. The wine tastes peachy, crispy and fresh.

Staying at home can create a cosy atmosphere. What matters the most is the right kind of feeling of caring and sharing. The fact of being able to relax and create memories that we can cherish. Sometimes it is the best gift we can give.


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