Surprise Seafood and Grill at Arôme

Arôme was intimate and exotic. A suitable place to have a dinner with family and friends in a celebratory occasion. I felt a bit adventurous and gave the chef free hands.

My appetizer was deep-fried shrimp, lightly pan sealed tuna or salmon and a little pretty salad with a citrus twist. The maple syrup gave an extraordinary kick to the smoky taste of the tuna or salmon. Shrimps were not greasy even thought they were deep-fried.

The main course was a combination of game and farm grown flavors. My filet mignon was thick and juicy. And it was cooked just the way I like it – medium raw. A little  hint of brown sauce on top of the steak was divine. Scrimp was seasoned with aromatic spices and it reminded me about Indian flavors.

The main course had also a little bit of lobster. Being honest, I can’t say if I was happy about it. It was a piece of a tiny scissor and it almost made me feel bad about tasting it. But I guess this is a question of a very personal preference. All in all, the decision to be surprised by the chef was a freshening change to the usual ritual.


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