Android Game Review: TwoDots

TwoDots is a puzzle with a pretty user interface. So far it has not been showing any bugs or collisions. TwoDots is a little journey when you cannot take one yourself. The idea of adventure has been actualized successfully.

The update made some of the graphics a bit larger which was a good change. I like that TwoDots gives me the freedom to turn off all extras like sounds, music and vibration. TwoDots can be played also in a color blind mode. Really thoughtful and useful even though you would not have color blindness. I turned this mode on when reaching the level with fire elements. The bright red background was just too much for my eyes to handle.

Another annoyance in this game was that you can not play it without mobile data. You have to be connected online. The game keeps asking every log-in time if you want to show your activity in your Google+ or connect to Facebook. It would be nice if this feature could be turned off.

As you break from one segment to another you get a chance to send postcards about these achievements to you social media. While loading the next level the game slides in witty quotes and comments such as “Eventually Everything Connects” or when you run out of life it is “Just a Minor Setback.” I would think that this game appeals to those who are into puzzles, strategy and minimalism.

In my experience, some of the levels are quite tough, but others can be connected very easily. The designers of this game were understanding to give a break to the player once in a while. This way TwoDots keeps up being pretty and entertaining, despite that the core idea of this game seems somewhat simple.




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