Trainer’s Motivation Fuels Yours

Trainer’s positive attitude can attach to your independent workout days. I’ve understood that the workout doesn’t need to be a mechanical process. There is no need to execute a workout. It is not sweat and tears anymore. It is sweat and smiles.

Attending the gym’s group lessons can build up coordination, tone your body and make you have better endurance. By participating in group lessons I have got a good guided workout on top of my independent training.

A good trainer with a solid athletic background can make you feel like you are in good hands. The trainer who is teaching our group lessons is an advanced personal trainer. I feel like I still train with a personal trainer even though I don’t attend private sessions.  I feel that the class is every time highly motivating despite the lesson’s nature as somewhat repetitive with the choreography.

It is easy to slip into the idea of a woman’s ideal body type. This vision has been changing many times during the history. In the Stone age the society liked its women as curvy with voluptuous hips, tights and breasts as a symbol of fertility. When arriving to the decade of 1920’s the preference shifted to boyish outlook with flat chest and minimized hips.

Hollywood’s bloom in its Golden Age from 1930’s to 1950’s brought us Marilyn Monroe. Her hour-glass figure became the hot topic of those times. After stepping from the twiggy 1960’s with its cone-shaped bras to the 1980’s we were introduced the Supermodel. The ideal women body shape was seen as toned and tall.

It’s very interesting how the 1990’s recycled the 1920’s idealism of androgynous body shape into a modern fashion runaway ideal. Now living in the 2000’s the postmodern ideal is to have a fitness body. Woman should be toned, skinny and voluptuous at the same time.

This has led some women to use plastic surgery. This postmodern ideal of a healthy skinny woman is visible at the gym.  Just as individuals have their ideals about how life should be, society will have its ideal about women’s body types.

We as a part of this society either follow the cultural expectations or swim against it. If weightlifting suits someones goals it is nice to watch as long it makes them happy.  To me the joy of exercising, boxing and dance itself means much more than the ideal waist-hip ratio.


BuzzFeed: Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History

Wikipedia: Female body shape


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