Wear Your Favorite Words

Litographs makes illustrations from books, poems, screenplays and plays. The mission of Litographs is delightful and appealing for anyone who is in love with words and stories.

These illustrations are manufactured into art designs on textiles such as t-shirts and totes. Someone dreaming about a tattoo without the commitment can find a selection of quotes on temporary tattoos.

The company has over 200 retail locations  in the USA, but in Canada we were able to spot so far only one in Edmonton. For this reason, we took a tour into the Litographs website that itself appeared very clear and smart since the first click.

The collection includes hundreds of books from where everyone can choose their favorite one(s). Obviously (due copyright factors) we were not able to find the most recent publications such as Harry Potter and the Fifty Shades of Grey.

However, when typing these books on the Litographs’ search tool we saw that is it possible to submit your email to be notified if a certain article becomes available.

When selecting a product for a closer look before a possible purchase we would have hoped to see the items in detail. In other words, the ability to zoom in would have made the hypothetical purchasing decision much easier.

We felt now that we partly missed seeing the main selling point that took us to our journey through the site. Still, seeing these products online does leave a certain tickle in the mind. Therefore, we may return to these products if we ever encounter them in our nearby bookstore.


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