Merry Little Christmas

December may feel stressful without opportunities to accept invitations from family and friends. If you are feeling lonely there are places to see, things to do and events to attend.

For example, look into the local Christmas markets. Try free samples of the products. Vendors are happy to chat with you about their story. You can buy local products to bring you joy and warmth on top of the interaction with other people.

Reach out to the nearby communities such as choirs and churches. If you don’t want to sing yourself then join a concert as an audience. Sometimes the entrance fee is by free donation. Therefore, besides sharing the musical experience with others you can also contribute on helping a cause in your community.

Find out if you can attend a fireworks shows and some parades. Head out to enjoy these entertaining events of showmanship.

Stay physically active. Seek out possibilities to skate at the rinks and to ski at the guided trails. Go out and visit a museum or go to a movie to get your mind off from the routine.

If you aren’t that keen on this season’s glitter and carols then how about volunteering? As an example, explore the charity organizations and shelters in your area. They can be in need of new volunteers for the Christmas season and even beyond. Some of the organizations also visit other people who don’t have family and friends to share the Christmas day.


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