The New Word of Mouth

Social media can sell a movie while it can also cause pressure, as we witnessed with Ghostbusters in 2016. Instead of paying attention on the actresses’ talent, by large, the attention with the film was drawn on their gender.

Iranian film director and screenwriter Jafar Panahi has said once, “You mustn’t look at a film with only one point of view.” When thinking this, the vibrant response to the new film seemed as some resisted a world where women are illustrated in powerful roles that used to be played by men.

In our culture, domination is often explained by a person’s male gender. For this reason, Ghostbusters in 2016 was a ground breaking representation. However, the film’s social media rumble turned into an example of the angered audience that expected to relate and had denied to adjust. Their reaction exposed a hefty side of social media, fans and films.

Social media will always be controversial by its lack of interpersonality. Additionally, social media may carry entitlement if a film is labeled as bad before it actually is seen by the whole audience.

Social media relieves film companies pressure from marketing research. Hashtags can be more effective than word of mouth. For instance, Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer (official) received over 112 million views in 24 hours.  The social media campaign of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in 2013 was a notable success.

Social media is a good tool for new films if it is used well by paying attention to it. However, an unplanned social media strategy can lead a promising new film to crash and burn. In any case, social media is changing the way film industry works with its audience.


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