The Big Decision

Becoming an indie entrepreneur is a big decision that can take time to pan out. It can be a hard ride to take psychologically when facing ups and downs. The road to owning  a business may become an emotional bravery test from rejection to fear of success.

To friends, family and colleagues it may be a puzzle to reason someone’s decision to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. Still, going indie from a steady income can be a tempting idea if job has turned into a mind numbing routine.

Some see entrepreneurship as irrationality and never try it. To others it illustrates itself as an adventure. Seeing your own business becoming reality can be a very rewarding experience.

Motivators for an independent path may arise from admiration of other entrepreneurs, from the feeling that one’s imagination is not fulfilled, or even from the need to take control of one’s own life.

We wanted to show appreciation to indie entrepreneurs. We took a tour online and found many very neat stores when looking for anything different or even vintage.

Let’s start with Peace Collective. Their charm is on the casual clothes that carry a sense of streetwear. Their team is looking to make difference and to encourage Canadian communities to succeed by giving back by donations and by volunteering.

Black Heart Creatives  is an independent UK based company that sells laser cut acrylic jewellery. Their collection is a place to plunge in when in need to find your very own statement piece.  An additional plus is a possibility to personalize your order and that the delivery of these neon colored sweets can be done also internationally.

Quirky Shops is a place where independent shops sell their unique and eccentric items of clothing, accessories to wear and to decorate your home. They offer lifestyle items for both women and men. It is also a place where an indie entrepreneur can suggest their own shop to be listed in.


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