“John Wick” (2017)

John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) turned out to be a film that reminds an essay that starts well, but ends up being some sort of delirium stabled together with used pins and needles. Fine, the dog was quite adorable.

What begun as a visually exciting film grew into an literal bloodbath that was numbing the audience with its excessive violence. For sure there is an audience that won’t be disappointed. We did enjoy the first John Wick (2014) because it had a plot line, essence, and Keanu Reeves who rocked the screen. All that was a good enough reason for us to see the sequel.

Maybe it was our unlucky day. We felt as if we were a some kind of hostage by the film. We had to witness slashing and unloading that made Rambo seem like a fun movie to spend time with your children.

We were trying to dig up a plot line, but it evaporated when the body count rose. After a while enough was enough. The film didn’t convince us to believe in its violent encounters middle of public places with no signs of first responders. There was just something really absurd in this film. Or maybe John Wick lives in dystopia?

To us this film isn’t an action genre, but more of a splatter. It’s a thing-to-see for someone who has had a crush on Keanu Reeves since Speed (1994) and doesn’t care what he does as long as he is out there. It’s a film to watch if being into emotionally dead characters. It can be a neat film for those who like ultraviolent video games.

However, if the aim was to make the spectator to feel John Wick’s pain then in that case this film is a true masterpiece.


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