Old Orchard Beach, USA

For years I had wondered about the Atlantic Ocean. To me, it symbolized the wild, uncontrollable waves that violently come crashing down to the shores of the Americas. It had only remained a legend, because I had never seen it in person.

On a sunny day, driving through the East Coast of the United States, I got a chance to demystify it. It was in Old Orchard Beach that I first got to see the Atlantic Ocean in person. Walking down the beach and then down the pier in Old Orchard Beach, I could stare down an infinity of blue yet the sound of the waves crashing in the beach was so loud that I couldn’t hear myself think. I had tears of happiness.

I have to say that Old Orchard Beach seemed as a very nice vacation area. I didn’t get to stay very long, however I will go back for sure. I want to experience the Ferris wheel, cotton candy and having dinner at the end of the pier on a hot summer day.



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