Old Quebec, Quebec City

When walking on the streets of Old Quebec, I couldn’t be without noticing the amount of little details in the surroundings.

In a way this part of the city reminded me about continental Europe. At times I felt like I would have been walking in Paris and other parts made me think about little towns in western Germany. We stepped inside the Chateau Frontenac Hotel that was charming us with the feeling of history and classy interior decor. It definitely is a spot to visit, even though your travel budget could not take an overnight stay.

The boardwalk deck alongside the hotel was a pleasant feeling spot for picturesque moments, holding hands with your loved one and breathing the brisk air of Saint-Laurent River. I will surely want to visit Quebec City at least one more time. It had a lot to see just in 4 hours, so I can just imagine how much it still has in store for a week-long trip. You can really sense the history of Quebec City in this jewel-like city full or colors, flowers, brick streets and stone corridors.



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