Boston, USA

Boston offered us plenty to see despite just spending a day in there.

We visited the New England Aquarium which made an impact on me. I was impressed by the design of the place and by the amount of animals and exhibits. At times I just lost myself staring inside the huge fish tanks. The Giant Ocean Tank in the middle of the Aquarium gave a feeling of really diving under the surface. I saw so many colorful fishes swimming by my eyes, and a green sea turtle that looked like the king of this tank. These were animals that I probably will never see in their real environment.

I didn’t know that the coral elements in the tank were sculpted before I was reading about it online. Maybe I was too mesmerized by it. The artists behind the work did a really good job. The idea that visitors are able to touch some of the animals that live in the aquarium is very thoughtful. At least to me it made the visit more immerse when I touched the shark and ray with my own hands. These animals were really soft and silky.

Giving a little pet on a sea star made me closer to the life beneath the blue. That little sea star felt like a cow’s tongue, that is rugged. The staff standing beside these touch tanks were friendly and ready to answer any question about the animals in the tank. And they told me things about the animals without even always asking myself. For a person like me, who doesn’t always have the patience to read those fact sheets along the exhibit, but being at the same time too modest to ask, this quality in the staff is always very much appreciated.

After our visit to the New England Aquarium we wanted to see a bit of Boston. I pointed out the amount of memorials about events in the world’s history and in people’s personal lives. I saw signs on the street roads and park benches that were dedicated in loving memory of a friend or a family member. The New England Holocaust Memorial had interactivity, which was really impressive to see. When walking under the six glass towers, we were really able to feel this memorials message.

When arriving to Boston I got really excited to see a little glimpse of TD Garden. But I couldn’t just settle with the idea of driving by it. I had to see it myself even though it meant a somewhat long walk. I am a fan of Tuukka Rask and I didn’t want to leave the city without buying at least one shirt that declares it.

We looked in pretty much all of the possible stores around and in the Quincy Market. We did found many really nice sport shops, but the shirt I was looking for was not in them. So, I opted to walk to the TD Garden to see if their fan store was open. Thankfully I kept my mind and went there, because before I knew it, I stepped into a Tuukka Rask fan paradise. Besides buying shirts that declare my appreciation for Tuukka, we got some general fan merchandise of Boston Bruins. It definitely was worth of the walk.

I will definitely want to go back to Boston one day. We both missed this city after leaving from there, we even got a bit teary. I really liked the feeling that I got when I was in this city. It felt like its filled with sports, arts, knowledge and historic sights. Of course it felt cool to be in the city where my Boston Bruins “I like my men on ice”-shirt get compliments instead of a vicious stare. I did found people in Boston friendly and down to earth.

Their accent is just something really incredible and pleasant for my ears. It is a big city and capital of Massachusetts, but still it seemed to have a feeling of neighborhood. I saw a lot of spots to meet up and gather together. I was pleased to see how walkable the city was. Being in Boston made me feel like I was at home.



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