Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto

This visit happened as surprisingly as the trip to Toronto. Just the week before I wasn’t even thinking about seeing the collection of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

When arriving to our destination I already saw from the entrance that the exhibition was really large and full of little details. Hence it took us about two hours to see all of the jerseys, trophies and stories that this museum has to offer.

When I was watching the footage from the 1995 Ice Hockey World Championships and hearing the Finnish national anthem, the moment became emotional for me. It took me back to that day of joy in my parents living room when The Finnish men’s national ice hockey team won the gold medal. Of course Finland won another gold medal at 2011 Ice Hockey Championships, but the victory in 1995 championships will always remain something special in the Finnish ice hockey memories.

The Hockey Hall of Fame was also presenting other things than just hockey itself. It was nice to learn about history of the wide range of different medias that has been presenting and reporting ice hockey to people. The amount of fan memorabilia and hockey cards were also an impressive thing to explore. It was interesting to realize how tangible business culture ice hockey has become over the years.

Of course the highlight of this visit was the possibility to touch the Stanley Cup. I would have never believed that one day I would be standing next to something so essential to the ice hockey world. And the trophy room where the Stanley Cup is held, was extremely beautiful. The stained glass in the room sealing made the atmosphere have some sort of holiness.

The Spirit of Hockey store includes fan memorabilia for many occasions and needs. The selection of teams in the store is incredible and offers things for men and women, as well girls and boys. This time I didn’t buy anything, but maybe next time I will purchase some of those Boston Bruins earrings.



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