Portsmouth, USA

There was this certain feeling I haven’t had before in any other place I have been visiting. When seeing Portsmouth, I was impressed by its clean streets and serenity. Of course the mist, that always seemed to appear at the evening, made me think about those famous Stephen King stories with the mist. But that feeling was really captivating in a good way. On the other hand, I felt at time a little bit of  Ernest Hemingway-ish when looking at the sunset and sunrise over the seaport.

I liked the food I was eating during our visit to this city. At the hotel I ordered tuna as an entree and also as a main course. The food in the hotel could have been spiced a bit more. Not the best tuna I’ve had, but still good.

When eating at the restaurant, I must say that I had the best Long Island Iced Tea ever. Also, the food was well made. I ordered salmon and in my opinion, it was fresh. The balance with salt and butter sauce was perfect. This meal didn’t leave me with hunger, but it didn’t fill me up to the top either. It felt just right. My salad was served from exactly the same kind of glass plate as my family has back in Finland, and I did had this cozy home feeling for a second.

Next morning before moving on, we took about two hours to take a look the city. I also wanted to visit a store specialized on letter papers. I like to write letters and also to receive them. So I wanted to pay a bit more in order to have a quality letter set. Portsmouth really is a charming place where we would like to visit again in the future. It offers atmospheric restaurants, unique little shops and it is a place for those who are interested in history.



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