Transformers: Age of Extinction

The new Transformers 4 was a must-see for me. I’ve seen all the previous films. I guess I’m a some sort of a fan of the Transformers franchise.

When stepping into the movie theater, I was aware that I won’t see Shia LaBeouf in this film. Let’s use the word “interested” when describing my thoughts concerning Mark Walhberg as a leading man for this piece. It was nice to see that he was not made to act Shia’s role but rather had his own storyline. As the film went on, I saw that Wahlberg’s presence was bringing maturity into Transformers. The film felt like it was having more drama than before.

This wasn’t necessarily a good thing, because it took the story at first into deep level by throwing up in the air the thought about believing in someone’s crazy dream and brought up a difficult situation between father and daughter. But then suddenly this drama was whooshed away. It was done with so many other motives and plots, that at times it was too much for me to keep up with the actual story.

Still Transformers 4 was a film that I couldn’t stop watching. Even though the jokes didn’t make me laugh this time. The main reason why I like Transformers films are of course the Autobots. My favorite is Bumblebee. I was missing his presence during this movie. He was there, but somehow his character was a wallflower compared to the previous ones.

In some parts of the movie, for example, the dramaturgy of the battles seemed to me like a boys games coming alive. Some lines by the actors felt like the necessary evil, that just had to be placed there in order to please the audience with a hunger for romance.

The Angry Kelsey Grammer reminded me at times too much of an annoyed Frazer Crane. Mark Walhberg did his role well as a sturdy family man, but I was missing Shia’s enthusiastic heroism at times. If Jack Reynor was casted in mind to try to fill up the void, he couldn’t make it. Neither was Walhberg’s acting as immersive as Shia’s was able to be. This movie wasn’t inviting me to empathize with it.

Even though this movie had a completely new cast of actors, it was still fun to watch. I liked the fact that the narration weren’t changed too much, and that Decepticons were kept ghostlike. This movie wasn’t making me emotional at the end, like the last ones have done. It still had its glorious moments of Optimus Prime’s pep talks, big final battles, impressive and smoothly made special effects.

I was, at times, sensing a hint of self irony with the length of the jeans that Nicola Peltz was wearing trough the film. By this I mean the criticism that I’ve heard Transformers films getting because of the leading woman characters added sex appeal. All in all this movie obviously was not made in mind to please the audience. The ending left you with a hope that there might be more to come.




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