Five Diamond Dinner at Le Baccara

This was the most luxurious restaurant night I’ve had so far. It was more than just a dinner, it was magic. A culinary experience that I’ll never forget.

When arriving to Le Baccara, a prestigious restaurant that has the CAA-AAA Five Diamond distinction since 2001, I had to pinch myself. The restaurant was just like one from those romantic movies. We were served by a five-person staff who were bringing us bread, water, wine, food and making sure that we were enjoying ourselves.

The dinner started with an amuse-bouche that was a compliment from the kitchen. It was a surprise and hence I had to catch the name of the dish really quickly. According to my notes, it was rabbit terrine with a crostini bread with a hint of mango chutney and cranberry jam. The flavors of this amuse-bouche were very vibrant and well-balanced. Truly a checkmate when it comes to aromatic and sweet.

While waiting for our orders we enjoyed house-made breads avec house-made butter. My favorite from this assortment was dried bread with figs. I liked how the figs were moistening the bread giving it pleasant texture. The hint of fruitiness went well together with the house-made butter. The bread with olives was also honestly tasteful. With it I didn’t feel the need to use any butter: it felt like the olives were giving it a bit buttery texture.

As an appetizer I had consommé and ravioli with rabbit meat. I’ve never had rabbit before and I wasn’t sure at first what to think about it. As a result I thought that to me rabbit taste is maybe a bit too mild. The consommé itself was meaty and I liked that it had barely any fat in it. The cheese curds were immersing the bouillon that added a hint of meaty sourness to this marvelous ensemble. My spouse had a salad that was served with 26-year-old balsamic vinaigrette. What a fireworks of flavor.

This good start continued with a main course that really took the night to the top. I like game and therefore I choose to try a deer from the local farm at Boileau, Quebec. The steak was served with a side of deep-fried cheese, red root mousse, mushroom-cheese cake and a tiny portion of rabbit meat rolled inside a cooked lettuce. The pomegranate seeds were a crown to this main course. What a plate of perfection and culinary architecture.

At first I felt that I didn’t have any more capacity to have a dessert. But when I saw that they had Pavlova, I couldn’t say no. Since very young age I’ve been wishing to try Pavlova. I’ve made it myself too, but it never turns out as good as it seems to be in the cooking books.

Le Baccara’s Pavlova was a magic trick. The desert was hiding under a dome with Tahitian vanilla smoke. When the dome was lifted up, the smoke evaporated and I was able to smell its sweetness. The meringue was thick and it didn’t have any air nor stickiness. Perfect again. The mango sorbet was having a smoky flavor of the Tahitian vanilla. This dessert made me want to go to the culinary courses in Cordon Bleu because it was so creative and unseen in my eyes.

This was a night that still makes me giggle and gasp out of happiness. We were served with such a heart-warming way with purely and carefully cooked dishes. We surely go to Le Baccara someday again. And I’m sure it’s no wonder that this experience gets full 5 on 5 on my five pearl scale. Bravo!



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