Hefty Halloween in Montana’s

Because I’m already way pass the age of trick-or-treating myself, we decided to spend our gloomy Halloween by having dinner in a restaurant. We picked Montana’s since we wanted to go a little bit further from the center of Ottawa. Also, Montana’s diverse looking menu online was tempting us to try out this place.

When arriving into the restaurant we were told to wait for about five minutes. I must say that this place felt well-organized. Even thought the place was full and new customers kept lapping in from the door, they did hand us a table just in few minutes.

From the beginning the staff made us feel like at home. The service was really down to earth, but not uncomfortable familiar either. Naturally the staff was showing its Halloween spirit by dressing up in costumes. This was fun! Our order was taken with in about 15 minutes (even thought the place was busy!) and we didn’t need to wait for our appetizer for a too long time either.

The appetizer was a Cookhouse Platter that included e.g. rib bites, potato skins and deep-fried pickles. This platter is an awesome thing to try if you are a fan of pickles and deep fry. The four-cheese dip went down really well with the bread.

For the main course I choose Bison Burger. I liked the bison meat when I had some at the Summer Solstice this June. I was expecting to have similar gamey taste with this one too, but unfortunately this burger didn’t deliver the same strong and somewhat mossy taste that a game has. But this doesn’t mean that this burger wasn’t good. It was tasty.

I liked that I was able to take a side of Caesar salad instead of fries (in order to follow my trainer’s advice as much as possible.) I was able to add cheese, avocado and bacon with the burger. I have never thought about trying avocado with a burger before this night. It was a working combo for the reason that it did cut down the heaviness of this meal.

I felt like I was in some ski resort while being in Montana’s. This restaurant did serve us well and with a good appetite. Also, the he bill wasn’t too painful to pay. I could see us going in Montana’s some other night again.

Therefore on my five-pearl scale I’ll give Montana’s…



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