Red Lobster in Ottawa

I don’t remember when I had such a fun time! Perhaps never. Our evening at Red Lobster started by waiting for a table for two for about 30 minutes. I was glad to see that Red Lobster has cozy chairs and seats to sit on while you’re waiting for your turn to be seated. The place was packed with customers who seemed happy and satisfied. In the background we heard some crews singing “Happy Birthday to you” to their friends and family.

We were given a table in the corner, right next to a window that had its blinders low. I really liked it because it felt private and the table was away from the busiest spot in the middle of the restaurant. I felt almost like we were VIP customers. What a lovely start. It got better once we had our first contact with our waitress. She seemed to have a positive grip with life and also a good sense of humor.

Before ordering anything we were served with fresh baked bread that reminder me of scones. What a refreshing alternative to the usual baguette and salad.

Because this was a night of celebration, we decided to take our time with the dinner. I started my culinary journey by ordering  Island Jumbo Coconut Shrimp. This delicious starter had shrimps that were hand-dipped in coconut batter. It was served with piña colada sauce. The shrimps were well prepared and the coconut batter gave this dish a sweet and salty fling. Sauce was also good and I liked this courses fresh ideas with how to combine the flavors.

For main course I had Salmon New Orleans. Taking a fish dish is a thing that tells me how well the things are in order in the kitchen. It’s always a bit leap of faith, but I had a good feeling about this restaurant. Salmon New Orleans was described to be fresh salmon, and it indeed tasted like it! It didn’t taste like pointy fish, but more like fresh water with a hint of salt and pepper. It also let thought some aroma of smoke.

As a side Salmon New Orleans had tender shrimps in a spicy sauce that tasted at first buttery, then spicy and ended with bursting flavor of sweetness. When checking the sauces name on the Red Lobster website, I saw that I wasn’t that far with my taste buds. The sauce is called Tabasco® beurre blanc, and it was garnished with pico de gallo.

As a dessert I had a Cosmopolitan and a piece of cheese cake with caramel sauce. Besides the cake,  I must say that this drink was also really well made. I think we got really lucky night with our bartender, too.

I don’t remember when I have had this much fun, good service, delicious food and groovy drinks. We were given time to decide what we want to order, and also the courses were served with good phase. Our waitress came to ask if we needed anything else but she didn’t do this too often when it can become uncomfortable. Therefore on my five-pearl scale I’ll give Red Lobster in Ottawa…



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