Visit to SuzyQ

It’s funny how when being abroad you can have a tendency to start missing things you didn’t really care about before. One of these for me is Finnish doughnuts. I didn’t really like those when I was still living in Finland, but now I felt excitement to find a shop that sells them in Ottawa. The shop is called Suzy Q and its fantastic story can be read from its site.

When I was looking online to compare the recipes for doughnuts and munkki (the Finnish version..) I did see that at least one difference between these are the spices. What I was able to find out was that the Finnish doughnut recipe doesn’t have vanilla extract like the ones that are baked on this continent. Finnish doughnuts have cardamom. I also think that there is a difference in the method of frying it. Doughnuts seem to be fried in vegetable oil, but munkki is fried in mixture of coconut and palm oil.

I’m not sure if this is the radical thing that makes the Finnish doughnut taste slightly different from the ones I’ve had here in Canada. But I can tell you for sure that Suzy Q’s Sugar Munkki did take my mind back to Finland. It tastes just like the ones I’ve had in the Finnish cafeterias.

It was fun to find this shop from Hintonburg. The service in this shop was friendly and I liked how they kept bringing in new doughnuts that were just out of the frying pot. Besides the Finnish Sugar Munkki, Suzy Q has many other flavors too.

I liked a lot of their rosehipster doughnut. It’s a doughnut that has a lot of jam inside. I was smelling roses in my nose when I was eating this doughnut. Another favorite will be Cookies N’ Cream. The chocolaty dust they were putting on this doughnut icing was delicious. Maple Bacon was too hefty for me, but my Canadian spouse was loving it. No wonder!


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